Knights of Reason Discord Server

We've got a Discord server with quite a few KoR members on it. Please join if you haven't already:


NEW!! Knights of Reason NS2 Server Open for Testing!

Open for Testing

Name: |KoR|KnightsOfReason.Net
Port: default


Regarding hosting in the long term

This past week, I have been retiring my rental VMs and moving all my services/projects back to a dedicated server. However, to reduce administrative burden of the forum for and possible vectors of security breach to myself, Aaron has agreed to let me move the forum and associated website onto a shared host that I have used in the past, Basically, thanks to their payment model and my history with them, I can have this forum running probably forever without having to worry about migrations on the cheap.

That said, I've been pretty busy with work (left my office at 9pm today, even, and I work normal office hours now) and it seems that there will be some required reconfiguration and waiting to grab a hold of Aaron for DNS record updates, and I need to retire the current VM as soon as I can, so I can't quite schedule a proper maintenance window. When the move is being performed, expect the forum to go into read-only mode (so you'll be able to view posts, but not post, until maintenance is complete). This should be sometime this week, and I'll update this post prior to going read-only.


|KoR| Survival Server 1.3.2 Up!

Non spoutcraft Survival 1.3.2 is back up. I've test it and it works great. Ocean is a bit messed up but I think everything else is good to go. Let me know if you got griefed and I'll fix you up.


|KoR| Survival Server (1.2.5) Up!

I finally got around to getting the survival server up. It's fully operational for all intents and purposes. I'm putting the final touches on the restart interface (servers page) but after that it should be good to go. Note that in order to build you have to enter your username in your Profile Page in order to build. It will automatically give you the appropriate rights based on your forum rank. You should also get SpoutCraft in order to have everything function properly.

We're getting a decent influx of new players and will need to have some moderators about to help keep things under control. Note that this is a SURVIVAL server not a CREATIVE server and you should use your commands thusly. Have fun!

Port: 25565
More info: ... 140&t=7634


European KoRx 0.3.2 Server going down.

I will stop the KoRx 0.3.2 server on Sunday, the 1st july 2012. The 0.3.3 server should be then used for playing.
The main reason is the better debugging possibilities, as the game code is no longer running inside a virtual machine.

The only bug i am aware of is the LCannon smoke that can be seen through walls.


KoRx Organized Game

Knights of Reason will be sponsoring another organized KoRx game on both the 14th and the 21st. Times for the 14th and the 21st will officially start at 12:00 PM CDT. The map rotation will, again, be derived from the KoRMS listing. Requests for map uploads can be made in the appropriate threads.

I welcome any and all of you to join us. Feel free to grab the KoRx mod before things heat up from our server. We will be using again.

Hope to see you there!


KoRx Organized Game

Hey guys, I don't now about you, but I really miss the good old days of hanging out on the KoRx server.
That's why I'm organizing a game next weekend, Saturday the 10th of March at 18:00 GMT (1 PM Eastern Standard Time, 10 AM Pacific Standard Time) time on our official KoRx 1.1 server.
I hope to see a lot of you there, and to have much fun times ensue :D

And for those seeking a formal announcement:

KoR is hosting a scheduled game on its KoRx server.

Currently the game is scheduled for 18:00 GMT on 3/10 (Saturday). The server address is on port 30900 I would really enjoy having any of you attend. This event is open to anybody and everybody receiving this e-mail, even if in the past you have been banned. All previous bans have been lifted so there should be no issues regarding that.

Finally, it would make this much easier if you obtain KoRx's packages from the server before things heat up.

UPDATE: Rotation information up. A pack with all the maps will be available for download Friday night (CST). viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7561 for more details.

UPDATE: Rotation is live.


KoR Tekkit Server

I've been withholding some information about the usage of KoR's server. I've currently got a Tekkit (1.1.4) (Minecraft mod collection) server running on KoR's box. Feel free to join my friends and I tonight and onward as we play. The official "party" starts at about 6 PM CDT (~1 UTC).

Server address: (default port)
In order to install the client side 1.1.4 version of tekkit, contact me and I will give you a link.