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KoRx has moved to a distributed release system, and now only tarballs of released versions are available. This is the latest tarball:

korx032_r425.tar.bz2 (~38 MB) (7-30-10)
korx032_r392.tar.bz2 (~40 MB) (7-22-10)
korx031_r195.tar.bz2 (~35 MB) (5-20-10)
Official KoRx Client builds:
Windows x86 (3.1 MB) (7-30-10)
Linux x86 (1.9 MB) (7-30-10)
Linux x86_64 (1.6 MB) (7-30-10)

Subversion access is restricted to requesters and developers only. To request subversion access, e-mail Aaron5367.