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Has anyone ever heard of this game? It's an incredibly beautiful and amazing looking 2D fighting game, released for the arcades, PS3, and 360.

I'm going out to buy a 360 this weekend, and I'll definitely be picking this up if possible!

BlazBlue is the spiritual successor of Guilty Gear, so if you're a fighting game freak, I'd recommend you to pick this game up :). This is a game with stunning visuals, and an amazing soundtrack. There's 12 different fighters to choose from and they're all balanced incredibly well, from what I've heard. The story, supposedly, is very deep for a fighting game, so there's lot's of fun to be had in single player, but we all know the most fun is in beating up your friends >:).

Heh. I sound like an advertisement.

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I agree with everything that Aaron says. *Hops onto the bandwagon*
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