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War Thunder - Flight Simulator Arcade

-It's a flight simulator/arcade WWII hybrid game. 3 difficulties, arcade, realistic (has historical battles, although there's some made-up "what-if" battles with russia vs america/brittan), and simulator, where simulator is really restrictive (i.e. you have to spot enemies yourself)
Currently it's main games are held in the skies but in the short future, with tanks, and in the long future, with ships.
-Free to play, although there are some stuff you can buy.
-Horrible grind if you're not used to it (sadly)
-Available on steam as free-to-play
-Simulator matchmaking queues can take up to two hours
-3 servers, hosted in US, RU and EU (where in EU?)
-Full of random stuff
-If you do join using this link, you'll get "free" 50 GE (premium currency), which can actually help you a lot, but do not, ever, use it to replace expierience, silver lions (main currency) or buy premium aircraft as it's quite rare, I made this mistake :/
(Best used to level up crew imo, you can only get GE from either buying or completing tutorials, which give ~500 in advance) ... te_8745385
(I also get some GE if you level up to third tier or something, but that's a long way since I only just got my first tier 3 aircraft)

First two videos are mine; I record at 1/4th quality :)

I actually played this piece on piano.

The matchmaker's buggy, but I still won the game against someone 5 times my level.

So much for Russian Bias (the game developers, Gaijin is located in Russia, around 300meters away from the World of *** games done by
This is actually from the closed tanks beta, probably won't get released to the public for about half a year or so.

Don't you hate it when the airstrip is too short?
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