Post Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:32 pm

I'm going to the US!

Hey guys!

For the past few years, I've been wanting to go to the US for an extended period of time to do a Work and Travel Program, but never had the balls to look for an opportunity or actually apply somewhere. When I broke up with my girlfriend of four and a half years in April this year, I finally decided to do something. So I applied for the by Walt Disney to work at Disney World in Orlando. They accepted me!

The program was created to recruit people from all the countries represented in Disney's Epcot park to work there and represent their country while they do it. The program lasts a year and I'll be working in the food and beverages area. My arrival date is 9 September 2019.

At the end of my program, my Visa includes a month of travel, so I could do a road trip along the east coast with that. However, if you want to come visit me, I get 50 % off on various Disney parks and also on Disney hotels! I'm looking forward to meeting you!:) <3