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KoR League of Legends Admittance/Promotion Information

The requirements to join KoR League of Legends are as follows:


NOTE: There will be a thread in this subforum. Simply post in that thread to be pending. Then, feel free to add members and leaders and we'll play a few games with you.
1. Level 10+
2. Noticed activity on the forums or in League of Legends at least once every month (to remain in the clan)
3. Good attitude
4. Microphone and Teamspeak 3 (optional but recommended)
5. You must have played a game with at least three members in the clan, at least 1 being a Leader or Respected Member

NOTE: Being a KoR member will allow you to have an open invite into the clan, but will not bypass a forceful kick if applicable.


NOTE: Application not required. It will be awarded when all requirements are met.
1. Level 25+
2. Active (at least once a week each) on the forums and League of Legends
3. Good attitude
4. Several games played with most of the active members of the clan
5. Recommendation by at least 2 other members to a Leader

1. Level 30
2. Active on IRC, Forums, or League of Legends
3. Good attitude and willingness to help. Raging at members will severely affect your chance of making Instructor.
4. (Recommended) Games played with at least several champions
5. Application in this subforum will be required. Members will be allowed to comment on the application. Leaders will then decide on whether it's accepted or not.

1. Level 30
2. Active (2-3+ times a week) on both the forums and League of Legends
3. Very good attitude.
4. Recommended by at least One current Leader and several Members
5. Leaders will be chosen as they are needed. No amount of pestering or begging will make it any more likely you will acquire it.
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