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Rules: Ingame Rules

All rules not listed here are not rules, but styles of moderation. You are not forced to abide by other's styles, but you are encouraged to make your own that works for you and keeps you out of trouble. You are not encouraged to make your own rules up.

1) Use common sense, even if it isn't so common.

2) Please refrain from using excessively* derogatory language and / or actions in game or on the forums.
*- May be determined in the situation, by the admins available. Whatever actions they take can be reviewed by a third party later on if needed.

3) All servers are "newb" tolerant.

4) Use of a false KoR tag to degrade the image or KoR or its members will not be tolerated, and will result in an administrative intervention. This doesn't mean permanent bans for first time offenders.

5) Other clans may only provide information about their clan if a user on the server requests for that information. This means no mention of web addresses for another clan, no recruitment, and no bragging about another clan on our servers without a request from the user it is directed to.

Admin Rules:

Generally, please warn players before doing something more drastic. Treat every situation on a case by case method. Alternative punishments are encouraged.

6) Abuse is prohibited UNLESS a 85% passvote beforehand (this includes "fun matches"/"tk wars"/"slap fest")

7) Use Administrative commands as the very last resort of abilities. They are used to keep control on the servers, not to rule them. If you have any questions regarding this rule, feel free to contact an Administrator.

8) Respect those without powers like they respect you. Treat all people with kindness and respect, their opinions are allowed to be heard.

For clarity:
Abuse is using administrative commands for uses other than what they were made for, and possibly not acting in the best interest of the server and its populace. The populace includes all people who are in the server, and all people who are yet to come.
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