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Abuse By Meatwad & Sam

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Unidentified Granger
Unidentified Granger

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Post Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:38 pm

Abuse By Meatwad & Sam

Recently (about 3-5 days ago) I was given -1 and -5 respectively, first paragraph details the incident surrounding the -1 and the second one detailing the incident surrounding the -5.

On a very special (Terrible) game of Mission One, aliens were sucking worse than normal (to the point where Sam@Gundula had to make multiple anouncements that no, you cant evolve to granger with a dretch.) and humans had already reached the final base atleast 10-15 minutes before the aliens, during this time we were getting bored to hell and talking/tking each other a ton while waiting, after a !consoleprint by sam regarding the grander-dretch evolving, I made a joke that Child Porn (!CP) was the source of the admins powers (terrible joke, I know) and Meatwad gave me a warning for "grossing [him] out" (or something along the lines of that), a few minutes later after another !cp by sam I make another joke regarding the same topic and recieve a mute from meatwad (I would have been ok with this, its one game and its on mission one, not like I was gonna miss out by not being able to talk), Sam then gives me -1.

I feel that the -1 was unjust, meatwad was the only person that was "grossed out" by the jokes, and it was one mute, not like I was being constantly muted game-after-game like my original -1.

Near the end of the afromentioned game I was tked by meatwad during ESD, I do not recieve so much as an apology, so next game I take potshots at meatwad with a shotgun (not alot of damage, I was fairly far away, couldnt have been more than 20 damage in total), I recieve a warning by meatwad. Later, during Stage 3 I try out the bsuit in the vent (this was in volcano where the vents are almost high enough to walk uncrouched in, I wanted to see if I could fit a Battlesuit in the vent part of the room) during this time I block one person and subsequentally move out of the way so others could walk through. I recieve another warning by meatwad and then am given a -5 by Loki (not included in the subject because I assume he just took a look at the warnings and dealt the -5 accordingly).

The -5 was obviously unjust, people have intentionally tked and have not recieved a -5, a few shots near the beginning of the game and some accidental TeamKills a -5 does not merit.

[Note that I was perfectly content with sitting around in the server changing my name to talk, I wrote this post because everyone from Aaron to even Bigping have asked me to just take it to the forums/ask for an appeal)


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Core Administrator

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Post Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:27 pm

Re: Abuse By Meatwad & Sam

Overreacting might be a better title than abuse. You've done quite a bit of stuff to annoy people, though I don't see why joking and calling !CP child porn is mute worthy... I'll talk to them both... You'll be set back to level 1. In the future do not take so long to report these kinds of things.


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